Everything you need to know about maritime training and simulation

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 30 June 2016


This impartial Guide is a concise reference and directory on training and simulation. Training and competency is a necessity for a safe and efficient shipping industry and thankfully there are universal standards for most aspects of operation contained within the key regulatory document - the STCW Code. Today and for several years past there has been an acknowledged shortage of trained officers and crew and while it has not yet reached the level where all seafarers can command the rewards that will make them wealthy, salaries for seafarers usually exceed national averages for similarly skilled and qualified personnel. Training is no longer the once in a lifetime thing at the start of a career as it once was and modern seafarers are expected to learn new skills needed to cope with new technology and equipment on an increasingly regular basis. This guide explains the regulations and explores all the practical issues surrounding training in the IT age from the new rules affecting gas-fuelled ships and arctic navigation to the use of computer based training and simulators for acquiring competence.
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