BAWAT gets approval 26 from USCG

BAWAT gets approval 26 from USCG

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 05 March 2020


Danish ballast treatment system maker Bawat has become the 26th maker to achieve USCG type-approval with the certificate being granted yesterday (4 March).

The approval covers the BAWAT system, which uses waste heat to pasteurise ballast water, with capacities of between 50 and 5,000m3/h. The approval contains no operational limits as regards, salinity, ambient water temperature or hold time providing the system can heat the ballast to > 64°C and there is a minimum residence time of 40-80 seconds for Pasteurisation to take place.

The system approval does not cover US flagged vessels and the system is not intended for installation in hazardous locations on foreign vessels.

As well as the 26 systems now approved by USCG, nine other systems have first approvals pending and eight systems already approved are seeking amendments to their approvals for matters such as component alternatives or capacity changes.

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