Ballast system manufacturer De Nora acquires Hyde Marine

The deal combines the capabilities of both organisations to meet the exponential demand for advanced water treatment technologies.

US-based water treatment specialist and ballast system maker De Nora, has announced its acquisition of the UV Technologies Division (“CCUV”) from Calgon Carbon Corporation. The deal includes the products, brands and assets of fellow ballast system maker Hyde Marine as well as municipal and industrial water treatment brands RAYOX, SENTINEL and C3 SERIES UV.

The acquisition, which was signed on 7 June 7 and is expected to close on 1 July brings together the strong delivery track record, marine expertise and capabilities of De Nora and Hyde Marine. It accelerates worldwide efforts to combat the spread of invasive species through the provision of reliable, high performing, BWMS suitable for all vessel types and sizes.

By combining De Nora BALPURE electrolytic disinfection (EC) BWMS and the Hyde Marine ultra-violet (UV) Hyde GUARDIAN BWMS, De Nora will become one of the few global enterprises offering both UV and EC BWMS over a full range of flows. This capability is key at a time when the industry faces exponential demand for high-quality water treatment technologies required to meet the 2024 IMO deadline.

Both BALPURE and Hyde GUARDIAN systems have been extensively installed across the global maritime industry and approved to meet the IMO and USCG requirements. The Hyde GUARDIAN is ideally suited to vessels with lower ballast flow rates, whereas BALPURE systems have generally been installed on vessels with high ballast flow rates, such as LNG, tankers and bulk carriers.

Commenting on the acquisition, Matt Granitto, General Manager at De Nora Marine Technologies, said, “The requirements to treat ballast water and marine wastewater have never been more stringent, with advanced water treatment technologies including BWMS critical to both compliance and the preservation of marine ecosystems across the globe. With thousands of ships still lacking BWMS and the industry heading for a peak in demand in 2022, the acquisition of Calgon Carbon’s UV Technologies Division, including its Hyde Marine product line, is both timely and important. It enables us to leverage the respective strengths of De Nora and Hyde Marine’s products, sales channels and manufacturing facilities and to be a true partner to the ship owners and operators by helping them meet regulatory deadlines and supporting them after the sale. We are looking forward to combining our capabilities with the Hyde Marine team. It includes many experienced marine personnel, project managers, engineers and technicians that can provide an immediate contribution to our Marine group and our long-term goal to become the water treatment partner of choice to the global maritime industry.”

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