Auramarine launches 2020 initiative on fuel issues

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 01 March 2019


Finland-based fuel system supplier Auramarine has launched a Get ready for 2020 initiative to help owners and operators manage the operational impact of new compliant fuels and mitigate the risk of engine damage.

The ‘Get ready for 2020’ initiative, issues a call to action for owners and operators to drive and encourage them to implement strategic forward planning to protect the future of their vessels and operations. Many of the main and auxiliary engines of vessels currently in operation may originally have been designed to run on fuels that differ from the new low sulphur products that are compliant with the pending regulations. Maintaining the correct fuel viscosity and temperature at the engine inlet is crucial regardless of the fuel in use, and the fuel supply system needs to be able to deliver the fuel at the engine inlet as specified by the engine maker in order to guarantee efficient combustion.


When the 2020 regulation comes into effect, the majority of owners and operators are expected to comply by switching from high sulphur fuel oil to new very low sulphur fuel oils (VLSFOs) with a sulphur content at, or below, 0.50%, unless their vessels are equipped with scrubbers. When switching fuels, issues arise when different fuels are present in the same pipes and tank, thereby causing issues with compatibility. This typically results in sludging and blockages in bunker and service tanks, pipe runs, filters, separator internals, and fuel injection equipment; all of which can have a serious detrimental effect on the health of the engine.

Ole Skatka Jensen, Chief Executive Officer, Auramarine, said, “Assessing new technologies or practices is only the first step on the journey towards safe, efficient and compliant operations in a post-2020 environment. Ship owners also need to consider the potential impact that these significant operational changes will have on engines and therefore vessel performance. It is crucial that ship owners thoroughly evaluate the exact needs of their vessels at the outset of assessing which compliance solution they will employ and set in place an efficient and effective fuel supply system that will not only protect the operational integrity of the vessel but also their profitability.

“Whichever compliance solution is employed, effective and comprehensive management of fuel supply and fuel switching, combined with proactive condition monitoring, can ultimately become the difference between a safe, complaint and efficient vessel, and unintended downtime, lost profitability and potentially catastrophic engine damage.”

As a world leader in pioneering the development of fuel supply systems, Auramarine has launched its ‘Get ready for 2020’ service offering to provide expert consultancy, comprehensive guidance and ongoing in-service support for the safe and efficient supply of fuel. Covering every aspect of fuel supply and management, ‘Get ready for 2020’ provides ship owners with a detailed understanding of a vessel’s individual fuel filtration, pump system and heating and cooling requirements to ensure a fit-for-purpose solution is in place, whilst also identifying requirements for modifications or upgrades to optimise the operational efficiency of the system.

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