ABB power to feature in first fish carrier

ABB has secured a contract with Sefine Shipyard in turkey to provide power and propulsion solution to FrøyGruppen’s state-of-the-art hybrid live fish carrier, future-proofing the vessel for safe and sustainable operations

The innovative live fish carrier, designed by Møre Maritime, will be the first vessel of its kind to feature ABB’s award-wining power distribution system Onboard DC Grid. The system will optimise energy use, whether drawing on main engine power, energy storage power or a combination of the two. The power setup on board will be managed by ABB’s integrated Power and Energy Management System (PEMS), which will ensure optimal use of the vessel’s total power resources.

PEMS allows the integrated electrical system to leverage the high-speed digital communication within ABB switchboards, protection devices and controllers to improve information flow and provide full system control from power generation to consumption. Onboard DC Grid delivers a highly fault-tolerant system platform, which offers safe and efficient operation that is less exposed to the peak-power total harmonic distortion that affects AC ship power distribution performance.

“We are very proud to install such a comprehensive hybrid solution on board. By working closely with ABB, we have designed a power system that will contribute towards a sustainable food supply chain for many years to come,” said Geir Antonsen, Technical Manager, Frøy Rederi, FrøyGruppen.

“This will be our second project with ABB that includes the Onboard DC Grid system and an energy storage system, delivering greater efficiency and sustainability for FrøyGruppen’s vessel,” said Efkan Turan, Senior Technical Project Engineer, Sefine Shipyard. “Having experienced ABB as a reliable partner in the past, we look forward to collaborating with them on this forward-looking vessel that is tailored for the needs of today and has the flexibility to adapt to future technologies of tomorrow.”

The full ABB package also includes the digital and connected ABB Ability Remote Diagnostic System for Marine, which will further enhance the vessel’s operational safety and ensure optimal performance, while helping to promptly detect and correct faults on board. In addition the ship’s high-power CFlow fish-handling system will feature the combination of ABB’s ACS880 multi-drives and single-drives, which integrate seamlessly with the functionality of Onboard DC Grid, delivering further operational efficiencies.

“This order continues the maritime shift towards greener hybrid power and propulsion technology, and confirms that the reliability, redundancy and inherent safety of Onboard DC Grid are available for even the most specialized of vessels,” said Sindre Sætre, head of ABB Marine & Ports in Norway.

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