About ShipInsight

It is more than nine years since ShipInsight published its first guide, but the genesis goes back further than that.

With a background in ship operation, ship management and marine journalism spanning more than 40 years ShipInsight’s contributors know the problems that staff and superintendents face in developing strategies to meet the increasingly rapid changes in the industry. Grappling with day to day work while seeking the information needed to remain compliant with new rules often meant things were going overlooked.

ShipInsight was conceived as a place where new and existing regulation and equipment and services could be put together in a way that hard-pressed operators could easily access and understand.

Rarely was that information across all of the topics involved available in one place which is why ShipInsight decided to bring it together in an accessible manner. We look at how and what is standard in the industry, the equipment and services that are available, analyse new technologies and innovation, closely watch the regulatory developments, and then package it in easily digestible form.

Although the guides that we published have served well, the increasing amount of information that needs adding regularly has decided us to migrate to a new online platform.

Unlike the printed guides which were updated annually, the new platform allows us to make updates on a continual basis. The new platform makes searching for topics and information easier and quicker.

As well as this core information we also like to keep our users up to date with day to day matters. We publish a daily newsletter with what we consider the more interesting stories of the day.

More than that, we publish an annual Journal written by industry experts charting each year’s technical and regulatory trends.

Then there are our insightful opinion pieces, which are read by many shipping leaders and thinkers. Many of them come to our annual conference, which has a unique format that encourages real discussion and genuine debate that help delegates make long-term decisions.

This combination of services is unique in the shipping world. Yet ShipInsight is not a big corporate player or backed by big money. We are a small team of passionate people who share many years of industry experience who want to share that enthusiasm.

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