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Ancillary Machinery
From pumps and compressors to watertight doors, heat exchangers, stability systems, this section looks at the equipment and systems essential to the modern vessel.

Ballast Water Treatment
System technology, sampling equipment, regulation and practical considerations.

Coatings and Corrosion
Regulations on anti-foulings and foul-release, types of coatings and technology, ballast and cargo tank coatings, anti-corrosive systems...

GMDSS and international regulations, commercial networks, VSAT, etc.

Environmental Technology
MARPOL and US Vessel General Permit requirements, equipment for oil/water treatment, black and grey water and sealing arrangements, EEDI, energy saving devices...

Fuels and Lubricants
Types and grades of marine fuels, ISO 8217, fuel treatment systems, LNG and oil storage, tribology and specialist lubricants.

Navigation and Bridge
Regulations covering equipment and layout, navigation systems including radar, ECDIS, AIS, compasses, etc

Power and Propulsion
Engine types and technology, turbochargers, energy storage systems, PTO and PTI, gearboxes, propellers...

Safety and Training
SOLAS regulations, STCW rules, Lifeboats and Liferafts, davits, falls and release systems and more.

Software and Cybersecurity
Required software, loading computers, ship management, performance management, miscellaneous software, ensuring security...

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